But is how don’t dare to start as well

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Go together with Lee again don't worry that to hang up the qualities of the soul of soul Duo.A pair of Dan Feng eye, the eye takes a peach blossom, the sexy red lips starts to be suffused with very tiny and smile slightly, slowly facing Li Fei climbed to come over.

The temptation like this didn't say to is Lee to fly, even if was Liu Xia Hui all perhaps can not refuse, all gross out.

Li Fei will start facing Li Mo worry to rush toward in the past, but Lee didn't worry but first and one-steply flew Lee to press to pour on the bed.She presses Lee flies of arm, lower the head.Light You joss-stick on the body, let Li Fei more fancy repeatedly, where still bear with of live, below and early sign the tent of having Gao Gao. Supra Tk Society Sale

Her mouth slowly closes to the mouth that Lee flies side and let out like You orchid.Use to slightly take the voice casting a glamour to say:"Fly, right away, you can know, I have already taught my good younger sister what things."

And then, she suddenly becomes overdo to go to.Say to abashed red Yang Wan Ru of all over the face:"Wan Ru, you see I press down him, what do you still wait?Is quick up ……"

Saying of Li Fei surprise:"I the Lei go … this … elder sister Shi, you this wants ……"
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He finally can affirm at this time, Lee doesn't worry to press oneself to on the bed, this wants to set on Yang Wan Ru and she round she!

However, this Li Fei means to like very much, wished them to all much come to round they, had better little Long Nyu, they come over together.

At this time, Yang Wan Ru slowly went toward to climb to come over here and looking at Li Fei that Gao Gao Cheng below since of tent, thought of the scene that she just and by hand grasps, that sort is big, that sort is very hot and strong and tough, that sort Hai person.But is how don't dare to start as well, she is hesitant of say:"Do not worry elder sister …"

Lee doesn't worry lightly a to smile to say:"Do not fear, take out that thing, contain in the mouth to go like banana."

"Can …but I fear that my mouth contains not next."

Yang Wan Ru doesn't know oneself as well this is how, clearly think oneself fly for Lee, but just their a person of time, she is ashamed, many at present Lee doesn't worry and then be getting more ashamed more.

Although because Lee doesn't worry here, Yang Wan Ru feels that oneself didn't have that sort strain,the face is super thin of she how to descend

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