Li Fei still keeps having some to worry

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While at the beginning saying that they come back with they, oneself has never said the circumstance in the realistic world as well.

Is original this time, Li Fei should be they like explanation for a while, but at present Li Fei worries most to is to is old mama and really has no time to explain with them.

The in the mind is worried about old mama, Li Fei's facial expression dignifiedly says:"Dragon, elder sister Shi, this is my home.I go out now a , you don't also go there!Is foolish in my home, wait I to come back!Do you know?"

"H'm, you trust go to.I and younger sister Shi, will wait yours Cheap Prada Bags
here."Lee doesn't worry to hurriedly say.Li Fei is all what Xi hip-hop admires at ordinary times, but at this time facial expression so dignified, she certainly sees of come out Li Fei Xin in a bit anxious, know that he wants to do a very important affair.

"Like, your right here waits me, never come out here."Li Fei instructed again a , then let out previous because regression realistic world, but put into nine tails of pet space to work properly fox.Once the small guy come out, it immediately to Li Fei Zi's tooth mouth of, obviously is blaming and scolding Li Fei and put it into pet space.

" You those nine tails lay by, is quasi- to stay an in the outside. Buy Prada Shoes Online You keep the dragon and elder sister Shi company here, where also forbid."Li Fei can have no mood to stir small guy to play this time and sink a voice to say.

The small guy cleverness likes to make with Li Fei at ordinary times, but sees Li Fei's facial expression serious at the moment very and knows to occupy occurrence and then doesn't make as well.

Li Fei this just trusts, at this time he but isn't take little Long Nyu and Lee don't worry and the small guy seeks old mama.

The first time a pair person arrives at a realistic world, knowing the realistic world was 21 worlds, while the absolute being vulture world was in Sung generation.There is much margin in these two worlds?If her 2 people door, necessarily will not adapt to all things very much, but Li Fei has no time to their explanation again this time.Besides there is also a guy with very naughty small love.

Li Fei's hasing to put them were in the home!Even if is in the home, Li Fei still keeps having some to worry.Still wanting to formally give repeated advice to them don't go out, don't say that their clotheses are as inharmonious as modern, say a pair person's facial appearance, Li Fei knows that willing definitely lead is otiose Cheap Prada Shoes to bother.

Much less little Long Nyu and Lees not worry is all lake middleman of river, is to have no law of the land, it happened that their fighting skills are again so high, and then all have no concept to the human lives.If who ask for them not happy, they will kill people.

The China country in 21th century, if they really killed people, that trouble can Be getting bigger.

"Mao Ca."

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